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A qualified translator specialised in capital markets

  This combination is the best possible guarantee of quality. Your financial research is translated as if you had written it directly in French.

Very tight deadlines

  Time and accuracy are crucial aspects of your business, with changes to recommendations on a stock or a sector having to be made and translated immediately.

A secure and confidential file transfer system

  We have created a secured file transfer area which is dedicated to each of our clients. A secured password guarantees that no one else has access your area. When you need to subtmit a document for translation, you simply upload it to this area, and download it from there as soon as it is translated, assuring you total confidentiality.

Style guide, glossaries and lexicons

  You may have a particular company style for translating a number of terms, such as EBITDA, IPO, due dilligence, goodwill etc.
Our aim is to identify that style and to use it each time we translate a document for you. This is best obtained by creating a glossary or a lexicon for you, validated by your analysts. This final document is your style guide, which is one of the best ways to identify your company culture and to produce consistent translation every time.
We can also create a lexicon or a glossary for each sector you cover (IT, Insurance, Banks, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Oil Services, etc.).

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